Zair, G S (19xx-19xx), schoolmaster, Kendal Grammar School (deputy head, 1975), of Garth Green Close, Kendal, later of Whinfell, Woodhouse Lane, Heversham (1961)

Zinovieff, Dmitri Alexandrovitch [1887-1963], soldier, son of Princess Elizabeth Zinovieff (qv), he may have spent his childhood in Grasmere, reached rank of Colonel, buried at Durham

Zinovieff, Elizabeth (d.1907), Russian princess, related to Vasily I, family originated in Lithuania, lived Grasmere

Zinovieff, Elizabeth (1892-1982), born Elizaveta Dmitrievna Golitsjna in Kharkiv, Ukraine, marr Dmitri Alexandrovitch Zinovieff (1887-1963; born St Petersburg, died Co Durham), died Bromley, Kent, related to Peter Zinovieff (1933-2021), musician son of Leo Zinovieff whose great grandfather was the last Tsarist governor of St Petersburg (Telegraph obit 30 June 2021); Elizabeth Zinovieff, A Princess Remembers: A Russian Life 1892-1982, 2001

Zullig, Emile (18xx-1914), schoolmaster, from Amriswill, Switzerland, teacher of foreign languages at St Bees Grammar School until at least 1910, assistant master for 27 years and house master of Foundation for 16 years, died 4 March 1914 and buried on north side of St Bees Priory church